What are the risks involved in weight loss surgery?

  1. Pulmonary Embolism – A possible complication with any surgery is a blood clot that forms in the legs and moved its way up to the lungs and blocks an artery. The result of this can be a heart attack or even death. It is extremely important to get out of bed immediately after surgery and moving around. Anti-clogging medications are also administered.
  2. Wound Seroma – Sometimes a collection at the site of the surgical incision forms caused by fluid within the tissue.
  3. Wound Infection – This happens when bacteria penetrates the site of a surgical incision.
  4. Gastric Fistula – This may occur when there is abnormal communication with the stomach to other organs in the body.
  5. Dehiscence – Occurs when there is an opening, or splitting of the surgical suture line.
  6. Anastomotic Leak – This is leaking from the staple line around the newly formed pouch or at any new connection that may have been made during surgery, including to the small intestine.